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The Burlington Foundry Inc has impeccable craftsmanship in pattern making. We have the expertise to work with metal, plastic, or wood patterns from existing parts with extensive knowledge of blueprints, and CAD files.
The Burlington Foundry Inc has decades of experience that will give you the confidence and reliability of your final product. Count on us to give you technical support and superior customer service.


Burlington Foundry Serving New England Area For Over 65 Years


Casting the mold is the first step in the process. This step must be  repeated  for each sand casting. A sand mold is cut in two, and filled with packed sand in each half. Once the sand is packed around the pattern, it creates a replica of the external shape of the casting. After removing the pattern, the cavity which will form the casting remains . Any internal features of the casting what cannot be formed by the pattern, are formed by separate cores which are made of sand prior to the formation of the mold.
Molding Techniques.


The finish product is find tuned by hand. Some companies use robotics for this meathod. Our vast experience proves that our methods strengthens the product and eliminates mutable flaws which tend to pro grate damaged parts. Our goal is to elimante waste by creating a superior finish product.

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